Type Case Study
Pristine is a made-up company that gives information about products with safe ingredients. The United States is very lenient with the ingredients used in everyday products compared to the European Union. Pristine makes it easy for people to find safe products.
The objective was to promote and help consumers find products that meet the European Union standards. This allows consumers to be confident that what they are buying is safe.
The seal would be used on safe products so that the consumer would not need to research it. The app’s design allows the user to search for information on a product and find information quickly. Additionally, a social media campaign was started to promote the issue on social media.
CLIENT: Student Project
DATE: 2020
SKILLS: Logo, seal, and app design 
PROGRAMS: Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD

I took the photo of the projects but did not design the packaging of the cleanser.