Whittard is a tea company based in London, England. They stood out because they made tea and coffee in the store unlike many tea and coffee stores during the 1800s. Today many locals visit their location in Covent Garden discovering new varieties of teas. 
With every tea a customer purchases they receive a card that tells them all the information regarding that tea. The project was to create a set of ephemeral (collectible items) that a customer can use as a redemption for free tea.
Each ephemera is focused on a different eras throughout history starting from the Victorian era and ending at the contemporary era (the current era). Each ephemera resembles the style from each era. 
CLIENT:  Student project
DATE: 2021
SKILLS: Print design and illustration
PROGRAMS: Illustrator and InDesign
Era: Victorain
Era: Sachplakat
Based on: Beggarstaff Brothers
Era: Art Nouveau II
Based on: Vienna Secession group
Era: Sachplakat  
Based on: Manoli Cigarettes poster by Lucian Bernhard     

Era: Modern art (Art Deco)
Era: Revolution
Based onDe Stijl (Journal), Vol. 1, no. 1 Cover
Era: Bauhaus
Era: American
Based on: Oils and Watercolors Exhibition (FAP poster) by Richard Floethe
Era: International Style
Based on: Giselle by Josef Müller-Brockmann's
Era: Post-modern
Era: Contemporary